Supporting your family through the fourth trimester.

I am a Certified Postpartum Doula and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and have been working in Richmond since 2013. I love helping all types of families navigate the beautiful challenge of caring for a new baby. I offer postpartum doula support, lactation support, and private breastfeeding classes. Please email, text, or call to learn more about how I can help your family.


“Erica was such a gift to us following the birth of our second child. Aside from stepping in to do whatever we needed help with, she was also a wonderful listening ear, and was also supportive with recommendations when we needed it. We also appreciated how she would frequently check in and follow up with things we had discussed. Erica truly cares and is a wonderful doula! “


“Erica would always start by asking how I was doing. It is so easy to forget about yourself right after having a baby, but even just the act of having someone check in on me was very comforting.”